I love feeling clean, but I hated the not-so-subtle packaging of other wipe brands. After failing to find discreet single wipes online, I set out to make my own.

After months of extensive online research and wipe sample testing, Litewipes were born. Upon passing them around to dozens of travelers, I heard encouraging stories of how Litewipes saved the day, whether it was a public restroom that lacked toilet paper or messy hands with no napkins or towels in sight. I knew we were onto something after I sold out of my entire supply, having shipped thousands of boxes to customers in all 50 states. Rather than producing more of the same, I spoke with as many customers as I could to understand how Litewipes could be improved. Our enhanced branding and flexible pouch packaging are a direct result of those conversations.

Litewipes were made to help you feel clean and confident anywhere. I’d love for you to give them a try and help shape how the rest of our journey unfolds.

Stay clean,
Bryan Founder